How to manage the Saved Passwords on iPhone easily

Passwords on iPhone

How to View, Edit, and Delete Saved Passwords on iPhone

You can keep a record of all the passwords on iPhone by using the handy password built into your iPhone’s settings.

All the time you log into new websites or any account using your iPhone, it asks that do you need to save the password for each of the sites. All the passwords given are associated with your Apple ID and can be seen edited and deleted in iPhone settings.

There are methods to manage all the saved passwords on iPhone.

How to View a Saved Password on iPhone

It is frequent that you forget the passwords, especially for auto-filling the job of filling it all the time. But all of the saved passwords on iPhone are stored in your iPhone’s settings and you can get them whenever you need them. Here is the method that you can use to view the saved passwords on iPhone.

  1. Head to the Settings and open Password
  2. You have to enter the passcode to see the all passwords. If you have enabled the Face ID or Touch ID, you can scan the face, or else you can scan the fingerprint.
  3. When you go in you can see that all passwords connected to your Apple ID it is sorted according to alphabetical order. Scroll down and click on the account or website where you need to view the passwords. Find it along with the username and password. You will also get usernames and passwords and also will display the security recommendations if the passwords are reused on many sites.
  4. Tap on the hidden password for a particular account to display and copy it.

On the other hand, you can instruct Siri to display the saved passwords by giving a simple command. “Hey, Siri show the passwords” Before that make sure Siri has been enabled on your iOS device.

How to Edit Saved Passwords on iPhone

It is easy to edit a password by viewing it. The passwords can be directly edited from Settings or from the website that you need to change them for. Later the device will ask you whether to update the new password on the Apple ID so that you do not need to do it manually. By following the below steps you can edit saved passwords.

  1. Go to the settings and tap Passwords
  2. Enter the passcode or use Face ID or Touch ID to get the access
  3. Next, select the account you need to edit the password.
  4. Select Edit
  5. Thye the new password and click on Done. Then the new passwords will be auto-saved.

How to Delete Saved Passwords on iPhone

All the time that you log into a site the device asks you to save the passwords on iPhone. As the autofill option is the most suitable one located there, who will say no to that? Instead of that, there are lots of methods to save the passwords on your iPhone. Within a short time period, you will have jumbled the accounts and passwords that even you do not use. If you need to prevent them, here is the method.

  1. Head to passwords in settings and choose the account you need to delete the password.
  2. Click on Delete Passwords located bottom of the screen.
  3. Click delete again in the prompt displaying, and the account will be removed with the all details.

Manage All Your Saved Passwords in the Settings App

It is very decent to autofill the passwords on iPhones, and it functions with all the saved accounts in the iPhone’s settings. You can select the iPhones Strong [asswords option, and you do not need to worry about forgetting the password as it is available to see anytime. If you feel like the passwords are unsuitable, there is the chance to change or delete the saved password following some quick steps.

Safari’s saved passwords and autofill options are very easy to manage, and some other browsers will be difficult with this.

Frequently asked questions

How to View Compromised Passwords on iPhone?

By tapping the Compromised Password notice, which opens the Settings app to the Security Recommendations page, you can check your compromised accounts. On your iPhone, you can simply access that location at any moment to see compromised credentials.


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