7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer

7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer

Your computer has been infected with malware, and you are unable to safely boot it? Use one of these antivirus boot CDs to clean your computer. Try these 7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer

Your anti malware or antivirus software maintains your computer clean. It does most of the time, at least. Even though security solutions are better than ever, malware still manages to slip through the cracks. There’s also the human touch, which is a prevalent problem. Where there is a person, virus has a possibility to get through.

7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks

You can use a bootable antivirus disk if this happens. A malware eradication environment that acts like a Linux Live CD or USB is known as a bootable antivirus disk. You should check out these 7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer.

1. Kaspersky Disk Rescue

disk scan tool by Kaspersky

One of the greatest bootable antivirus disks is the Kaspersky Rescue Disk, which allows you to quickly scan an infected PC. Individual folder scanning, startup items, system drive, and fileless objects are among the antivirus scanning options available in the Kaspersky Rescue Disk scanner. You may also scan your system boot sectors, which is a good way to identify malware that is stubbornly hidden.

However, the Kaspersky Rescue Disk does include a few extra utilities, like Firefox, a file manager, and more.

The visual or text-based interface is another useful feature of Kaspersky Rescue Disk. For most users, the GUI is the ideal option, however text-only mode is accessible for low-power devices or otherwise.

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk provides you with a bootable version of Kaspersky’s antivirus software, which consistently obtains high ratings in antivirus testing. Our selection of the top antivirus suites for Windows 10 also includes Kaspersky. So, this is one of the best and Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer

Kaspersky Rescue Disk can be downloaded (Free)

2. Bitdefender Rescue CD

Bitdefender Rescue CD is the Second Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer.

It is similar to Kaspersky’s product. It’s a big download, but it features a clear user interface and various antivirus check choices to assist you figure out what’s wrong with your computer.

The scanning interface is simple to use, with options to exclude specific file types, scan archive files (such as.ZIP or.7z), scan files under a specified size limit, or just drag and drop individual files into the scanner. However, for the most part, the normal scan is sufficient because you want to ensure that your system is malware-free.

Firefox, a file browser, a disk recovery tool, and a few other programs are also included on the Bitdefender Rescue CD.

The main disadvantage of Bitdefender Rescue CD is that it is no longer updated, resulting in obsolete malware signatures. Still, it’s a good backup disk.

Bitdefender Rescue CD can be downloaded Free.

3. Avira Rescue System

Avira Rescue System is the Third Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer which is based on Ubuntu. The Avira Rescue Disc is one of the finest bootable antivirus settings for beginners because it comes with a helpful guide that walks you through scanning your hard drives. Furthermore, Avira provides very limited scan customization options. This may fit a novice because there is less risk of turning off part of a scan and missing a harmful file.

With a streamlined UI with labeled boxes, the Avira Rescue System environment is simple to manage. The Avira Rescue System, like the other alternatives, contains a web browser and a disk partitioning tool, among other things.

Because Avira is an Ubuntu-based rescue disk, it works with Linux systems as well.

Avira Rescue System can be downloaded Free.

4. Trend Micro Rescue Disk

From the three largest bootable antivirus rescue DVDs to the smallest, we’ve got you covered. The Trend Micro Rescue Disk is the tiniest bootable antivirus disk on this list of Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer, yet it packs a powerful punch that will help you reclaim control of your computer.

Given its size (approximately 70MB at the time of writing), the Trend Micro Rescue Disk can be forgiven for lacking a graphical user interface. Rather, you only use the rescue disk through plain text menus. It appears to be a little intimidating. In practice, however, the text menus are straightforward to browse and you’ll be fine.

Trend Micro Rescue Disk for Windows is available for download Free.

5. Dr.Web Live Disk

dr web antivirus rescue disk 2021

Despite its dubious moniker (Dr.Web sounds like a fraudulent internet corporation to me), Dr.Web Live Disk’s bootable antivirus environment offers a wide range of antivirus scanning choices. Dr.scanning Web’s possibilities are comprehensive when compared to the rivals.

For example, you can choose which file types and sizes are included and excluded. Individual actions can be defined for certain forms of malware, such as a bootkit, dialer, or adware. You may also set a time limit for the virus check to spend on individual files, which is useful if you have a lot of huge media files.

Dr.Web Live Disk also has another feather in its cap: it can scan Linux computers. 

Dr.Web Live Disk can be downloaded Free.

6. AVG Rescue

avg rescue disk menu

AVG is one of the most well-known security brands. The AVG Rescue disk offers a simple text-only interface, yet it allows for customized scans.

For example, you can scan only a single Windows drive or only specific files within that volume. You can also search for specific malware kinds by scanning Windows Startup items or the Windows Registry. (Should you, in any case, clean the Windows Registry?) AVG Rescue also includes diagnostic and analytical capabilities to assist you in resolving drive-specific issues rather than just malware.

The fairly basic text interface will not appeal to everyone. It can be aggravating to have to use the arrow keys to travel back and forth through the interface. However, considering the variety of options and the precision of the AVG Rescue disk scanner, the arrow keys may be overlooked.

AVG Rescue can be downloaded Free.

7. ESET SysRescue Live

run eset sys rescue disk

ESET SysRescue Live is also the Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer which is a powerful antivirus rescue disk with many capabilities, is another bootable antivirus disk worth considering.

ESET SysRescue Live has a powerful antivirus scanner. You can use the ESET scan profiles to scan archives, email folders, symbolic links, boot sectors, and more. The ESET SysRescue Live disk also includes a disk analysis tool for looking for flaws and other issues, as well as a memory test tool for looking for errors in your system RAM.

The rescue environment also includes the Chromium browser, the GParted partition manager, TeamViewer for remote system access, and a few more useful tools.

ESET SysRescue Live can be downloaded Free.

8. Comodo Rescue Disk

comodo rescue disk home

The Comodo Rescue Disk is your final bootable antivirus alternative. Comodo’s antivirus disk is well-regarded as a long-standing antivirus and security company.

There are three sorts of scans: smart scan, complete scan, and custom scan. The smart scan checks for rootkits and other malware in your system boot sectors, while the custom scan lets you examine individual files and folders to track down a specific danger.

So, now you know about Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer. Let’s see what’s the best as my experience.

What Is the Best Free Antivirus Bootable Disk out of these 7 Free Antivirus Bootable Disks? 

It’s a tie between Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Dr.Web Live Disk for the finest free bootable antivirus disk in my opinion.

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk is clunky but effective, routinely updated, and supported by Kaspersky’s security expertise. However, it lacks the same level of capability as the Dr.Web Live Disk. While the Dr.Web Live Disk cannot match with Kaspersky in terms of scanning, the scanning choices available make it a useful tool.

The other utilities are all powerful and will thoroughly clean your system. Depending on the severity of the malware, you might want to download two bootable antivirus disks and run them one after the other to ensure that nothing gets through.

However, now you know more about Free Antivirus Bootable Disks to Remove Malware from Your Computer. You can download them and use them. Then you also can experience what is the best for you!

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