The best way to unlock a Samsung phone

Samsung phone

Samsung phone: You should generally try to unlock Samsung phones if you can because there are several ways to do so. However, if you’ve tried everything and are still locked out, or if you were going to reset your phone anyhow, you might be able to do so without first unlocking it. In order to ensure that everything is backed up, it is best to unlock the phone first, if at all possible. Doing so will delete all of the data. However, after resetting the phone, you will at least be able to use it or sell it.

We’ll outline the process in the paragraphs below in a few easy steps. To reset your phone without first unlocking it, you will typically need access to your Google account, so keep that in mind.

Quick actions

  • Offset your phone.
    Activate the recovery menu (often by pressing volume up and the side button)
  • Enter your Google account information if prompted.
  • ‘Wipe data/factory rest’ or ‘Delete all user data should be chosen.

Explanation of how to reset a locked Samsung phone

We briefly discussed how to reset a locked Samsung phone above, but if you’re having trouble, continue reading for a step-by-step process that is detailed.

Offset your phone

Turning off your Samsung phone is the first thing to do, but if you’re locked out of it, that may be more difficult than it sounds because it will prompt you to enter your PIN, password, or pattern. In the event that you forget your security information, you will have to wait until the phone turns off on its own when the battery runs low.

Activate the recovery menu

Samsung phone

Depending on the model of your Samsung phone, you’ll need to simultaneously press the side and volume up buttons until you hear a vibration and see the Samsung logo. You should do this for the majority of Samsung’s more recent smartphones, especially any Samsung device with only a volume button and a side button.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 respond well to that method. You should press the volume up, power, and Bixby buttons all at once, hold them down until you feel a vibration, and then release them if your phone has both a power button and a Bixby button (like the Samsung Galaxy S10).

Finally, press volume up, home, and power simultaneously until you receive a vibration on your Samsung phone if it has a separate physical home button below the display. Release the power button once you’ve finished while keeping the other buttons pressed until you feel a second vibration. One of these techniques will typically be effective. If the volume up button isn’t working, try the volume down button because, for some reason, some phones use that button instead.

Your Google account information

Samsung phone

Once your phone has restarted, it should take you to the recovery menu. However, before you can access this, you’ll probably need to enter the registered email and password for your Google account. To stop stolen phones from being reset, do this.

If you know your email but cannot log in, you can reset or recover your password by going to the Google Account Recovery page (which opens in a new tab). If you send your phone to a Samsung Service Center with proof of purchase and discover that you’ve forgotten your email or password, they can reset it for you.

Your phone’s settings

Samsung phone

You should be able to choose “Wipe data/factory rest” or “Delete all user data” from the recovery menu. Use the volume buttons to navigate to this, then click the power button to choose it. Using the same buttons, choose “yes” each time you are prompted to confirm this until the process starts.

You might be prompted for your Google password when your device restarts. If you’ve read this far, it’s likely that you already know this, but if not, try the advice in step 3. The device setup screens that you would see the first time you turned on a new phone will then display to you. In order to use your Samsung phone going forward, you must either complete that setup or turn it off in order to sell or recycle it.


Is it possible to unlock a locked Samsung phone?

When trusted places or devices are found, you can configure the device to unlock automatically and stay unlocked. For instance, if you have designated your home as a trusted location, your device will recognize the location and unlock itself when you arrive home.

What is the universal unlocking code for phones?

What Is The Code To Unlock The Password On An Android Phone? The Android reset code, also known as the secret code to unlock an Android phone, is ##7780##. If you forget your PIN, you can use this code to unlock your Android device.

What is the Samsung phone’s standard password?

How do you use your keypad to reset the Samsung security? Your mobile device’s password will be reset to 0000 using the codes listed below for the Samsung keypad. To reformat your phone, please call one of the two Samsung secret code numbers listed below: Samsung factory reset code: 27673855#

Will a Samsung phone jailbreak?

The process for jailbreaking a Samsung phone is the same as for rooting. Without any major problems, a similar strategy is used to jailbreak the Android operating system. You will be able to enjoy similar advantages of rooting through the jailbreaking process; the only difference is the terminology.

Can my phone be network unlocked for nothing?

It’s completely free to unlock your phone if you qualify. The FCC declares “Participating providers are prohibited from charging current or former clients extra money to unlock a device if it is eligible for unlocking. In order to unlock eligible devices for non-customers and former clients, providers may charge a fee.”

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