Ten Mac Tips and Tricks for Students in College

Mac Tips and Tricks

Mac Tips and Tricks: Students get ready for another year of school as the new college year approaches. Although university years are typically busy and occasionally overwhelming, they have many advantages for students. You improve your essay-writing skills, broaden your knowledge of the subject you’re studying, and develop your soft skills.

But in order to have enough time for all of your plans, it is important for students to be as productive and efficient as possible. Sometimes your ability to focus and be productive is all that matters; other times, your tools and gadgets can help. This is the case with Macs, some of the most well-liked and practical laptops for everyone, not just students.

Learn the trackpad gestures first

You will find many shortcuts in the new macOS that are exactly what you need. Any student who is working on multiple projects at once. You must switch back and forth between documents and web pages, which can feel time-consuming at times. You can now scroll and zoom, switch between pages or full-screen apps, and perform many other actions with the new gestures.

Evening shift

University Essays to write and new material to learn for exams fill the years. You might even find yourself doing this in the middle of the night on occasion. Activate the night shift to protect your eyes from the blue light from your screen. Depending on the local hour, your Mac will automatically adjust the brightness of your screen. Whether you are writing essays for yourself or paying someone else to write them. For more advice on writing a report and other papers, visit StudyClerk. They can help you through this process and show you some effective writing methods.

Apply Finder

You can perform a few quick actions in Finder to locate your files more quickly. Nevertheless, one great feature of Mac is the ability to color-tag your files, photos, documents, and other items! In this way, it will be simpler to locate, group, and sort them according to their urgency, importance, or other factors.

Mac Tips and Tricks

Photographing a screen

Taking screenshots used to be challenging, but today it’s just as simple as using your phone to do it. The best feature of Mathe c is how user-friendly it is, making taking screenshots simple. You can take a screenshot of your desktop using the keyboard shortcuts command + shift + 3 or command + shift + 4 for snipping a portion of your desktop. After being automatically saved, you can immediately begin editing the screenshot.

iCloud account Sync

Connecting to your iCloud account is one thing you can do to safeguard your files in the event that your laptop is damaged or crashes. You undoubtedly have an account if you already own an Apple product. Create an iCloud account if your Mac is the first Apple product you own. To ensure that you don’t lose anything, it will sync all of your documents online. The best part of this is that you can use your phone to access your iCloud-stored Mac files as well.

Keep an eye on your classes with a calendar

Sometimes your schedule can be very full, especially if your classes change. Use your calendar if you need all this information in one place. On your Mac, you can set up reminders and notifications to ensure that you never miss a class. Your class schedule can be easily customized and added to your calendar.

Employ voice memos

You can use the voice memos app on Mac to record meetings with coworkers or classes you attend. Making a recording of the lecture enables you to review the material at a later time and ensure that you do not miss any crucial information.

Option to record the screen

Mac Tips and Tricks

Mac includes a feature that allows you to record your screen in addition to your voice. This feature is especially useful when working on group projects or instructing your colleagues.

Utilize Keynote to create presentations and outlines

Many people mistakenly believe that the Mac’s Keynote app can only be used to create presentations, but it can also be used to create outlines. Due to the fact that writing assignments and essays are among the most frequent tasks, this functionality is quite useful for students.

Web pages in PDF

When conducting research, you come across a lot of intriguing articles that you may want to read again or save for later. You can export the webpage as a PDF and save it with your course files rather than bookmarking it.


You can use a variety of shortcuts on your Mac, and being aware of them will increase your productivity and efficiency. These ten Mac tips and tricks will assist you in pursuing your academic objectives in a more planned and methodical manner. Robert Griffith writes content, according to his bio. He has a strong interest in technology. Robert reads blogs and tech magazines to stay current.


Can I use a Mac in college?

A great option for students is MacBooks. The entire lineup, from the well-built $1,100 MacBook Air to the incredible powerhouse that is the 16-inch MacBook, will be more than capable of finishing any academic task. The operating system, macOS, is one of the main benefits of choosing a Mac for students.

The reason why college students favor Macs

Macs are much simpler to use than Windows. Students can easily switch classes if they so choose. If they want to learn more about the Mac OS, they can also obtain the required training online. There is a website that offers its users Apple training programs.

How long is Mac Airs well for?

A MacBook Air should last 7 years on average before needing to be replaced, according to experts. Due to its RAM and storage restrictions, your Macbook Air will probably last a year or two less if you use it for animation, photo editing, or gaming.

Is Netflix compatible with MacBook Air?

Learn about the Netflix features available on Mac computers, as well as how to sign in and out of your account, by using this article. To access your Netflix account on a Mac computer, sign in as follows: Visit Netflix at. Follow the instructions on the screen after selecting Sign In.

What is a MacBook incapable of doing?

When your MacBook is turned on, avoid putting it on a pillow or other soft object because the object may obstruct the airflow vents, especially the rear vents, which could lead to overheating. Never use your keyboard in closed-lid (clamshell) mode with anything covering it.

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