The 4 Best VR Accessories to Look Forward to in 2022

Best VR Accessories

The 4 Best VR Accessories to try in 2022

There are lots of features to look at in Best VR Accessories in the year 2022. There are the additions that we are searching for this year.

The year the 2020s is becoming the time of VR. From superior, but inexpensive, third-party controllers to a tactual feedback vest that imitates the real pain. There are given four of the coolest attachments to connect with your virtual reality setup.

The 4 cool and best VR accessories coming in 2022

It is very great to see inexpensive headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 strikes the market. They have got a genuine value for money that you spend.  There is no need to worry about a respective PC or a game console and also supported lots of add-ons.

If you have been using your headset for many years, you may have wondered about lots of methods to develop your setup. There are 4 amazing Best VR accessories that you can get big support for.

Etee XR

Etee has exposed the new controllers that are manufactured for high quality, long-lasting materials. And also manufactured in smart motion shortcuts. There you will never press the wrong button while you are VR gaming hereafter.

The Etee XR is manufactured to be button free and acknowledges your hand within seconds before putting them on. The controllers are made for finger tracking, three degrees of freedom, and able to use them without gloves, cameras, or other huge sensors. The controllers have got scalable LED slider that functions as an analog input. So you have the chance to moderate the RGB colors also. 

The Etee XR controllers are suitable for all main headsets like  HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Quest. Etee sells a version of the controllers with SteamVR trackers and needs the controllers to be well suited to projects that are built with Arduino, C++, Python, and more.

The Etee XR is very light like 5 ounces per controller. It takes like 7 hours for a single charge and the fast charge using a USB-C  takes lower than 70 minutes. The controllers begin at $275 and ship in 2022.

OWO Haptic Vest

One of the favorite VR accessories launched in October 2022 is OWO’s Haptic Vest.

You ware this latest shirt directly on your skin. It has got lots of high conductive electrodes that restore your muscles to make you feel many impacts. That includes the feelings like pain, mainly when getting shot by a bullet and wound, stabbed, or stung by insects. You will be more linked with your game by letting you feel the power of declining or increasing the speed while you are driving a car.

The feelings like this will let you think twice while you are in the game of running too fast or you need to jump away from the building.  The pain of the individual shooters during the virtual reality will inspire you to fastly get covered and be more aware of the open areas. The collection of these feelings will make the VR experience very excited as they are influencing your brain in many situations.

The vest is very suitable for all huge headsets connected using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is fully wireless, there is 8-hour battery life, available in many sizes. Especially there is an option in OWO’s mobile app to control the level of pain.

You can preorder the OWO’s Haptic Vest now on the website.

Shiftall HaritoraX

It cannot be the most unforgettable name on the list. But that does not move away from how superb these movements are. The HaritoraX trackers are very famous in Japan and at last, floating to the gamers in the United States. Each of the trackers gives the players hip and leg movements virtually. However, this lets you have full body tracking within your own virtual world.

It is very important to track the full-body movements of the game players in the metaverse like VRchat. In advance wearable trackers like this are available. The rest of the options are expensive, large, and need to be liked for various parts in each room. Anyhow this does not perfectly match some people. With the game Shiftall HaritoraX, players easily use the thigh, ankle, waist, and chest movements with the help of the inexpensive, light, and wearable device.

These trackers have got 10 hours of battery life and can be charged using USB type c in 4.5 hours. Well suited for very famous headsets such as Oculus Quest, Quest 2, VIVE, VIVE Pro, Vive Cosmos, and the Valve Index.

You can preorder the Shiftall HaritoraX now on the website.

HTC Vive Focus 3 Wrist Tracker

The Vive Focus 3 is an amazing, expensive headset available for professionals. Though any user can get one of them for $1,300, lots of selling points are for professional players. Mainly in education and different business environments. It comes to you with the controller-free VR, lets you go through manus with lots of hand movings that you can be free in the virtual reality.

Though the headset is a remarkable piece of technology, wrist trackers are available to link wirelessly. It transfers moving data to the headset without the requirements for Vive’s cameras. Interestingly through os with the company, FLAIM that displays the Vive Focus 3’s wrist trackers on the firefighting practicing simulator at CES 2022.

The wrist trackers let the trainer make accurate the trainees by holding the firefighters. This is a very practical method to train people that use any other VR controllers. The wrist trackers can be linked to the hose of the firefighter. This helps the trackers to use on any occasion that they need.

How about the future of the best VR accessories

We have come very far from the times of Google cardboard and smartphone-powered headsets like Samsung Gear VR. Now there are very inexpensive headsets that are very easy to use. They have got instinctive user interfaces and are very exciting to use for all of us.

New devices that come from virtual reality headsets are going deeper into the best VR accessories. This lets us move the whole body in the virtual space and get more connected with the latest wearable, tactile feedback technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When considering a VR headset, you can experience everything you love – and this Valve Index is the best suitable device to do it. Because of its advanced screen technology, finger-tracking controllers, and accurate motion tracking stations, the Valve Index is the full-scale VR package you can have in your home.

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