How to Use Ready Player Me for Creating VR Avatar for the Metaverse

Ready Player Me

Using Ready Player Me to Create a VR Avatar for the Metaverse

At the moment all of us use profile pictures, but the metaverse needs us to go some more steps further. We are showing you how to use Ready Player Me to design an avatar.

No matter if it is a flat profile picture or a three-dimensional avatar that is able to pilot using dimensional websites, there are lots of opportunities than ever to display yourself on the internet.

It is very funny to play various games on different platforms. However have you ever needed to create an avatar for anything? The ready player me is performing on it for the metaverse.

What Is Ready Player Me?

The Ready player Me is a project conducted by Wolf3D, who are practicing in 3D avatar generation for the companies like HTC, Huawei, Tencent, and Vodafone. 

While all the companies use Wold3D for projects that only function on some particular devices, applications, or experiences, Ready Player me is available for all the users among lots of various websites and applications.

How to Get Started With Ready Player Me

Rady player me is able to use it for free but needs you to create an account using your email address. And you will receive a confirmation code in your email and you can get started.

The first thing you have to do is to upload a photograph of your face. Wold3D deep learning algorithms came from the databases of more than 20,000 exclusive scans the real people and create the 3D avatar.

After your avatar is finished up, you can set the makeup and hair, facial expressions, skin, and eye colors. And also you can change the clothing and the other stuff.

You can have many avatars using Ready Player me for one time.  So only the firs5t one needs a photo of you.  You can make the other avatar to be like you, or else they can be made fully differnet as you.

If you have got any digital apparel, you can equip them to the avatar by selecting the Wardrobe located in the menu on the left side of your page.

Next, you can give a recovery code that got with the asset or link a MetaMask wallet address. The latter will be easy if you have the MetaMask browser plugin.

How to Connect Apps With Your Ready Player Me Account

So for what do all these happen? From where can you get the Ready Player me an avatar? Three are more than thousands of websites, applications, and platforms that are agreeable with ready Player me.

Many of them are very small projects or niche communities. And some are very big players like Mozilla Hubs, MeetinVR, and VRChat. It is very stylish because VRChat and Mozilla Hubs in particular have got awkward avatar modification tools.

To get a full list of websites, apps, and platforms that go with Rady me, click Discover Apps in the menu located on the side of the panel.

To get the default settings, Discover brings you all the available platforms made into categories like MNost Popular and Business and Productivity.

If you are finding a specific app change the slide on the top of the page to All apps A – Z and find the thing you are looking for.

Unlukily thee is no a serach bar. If the app is not there that you are looking for, keep coming back. The new project cooperates with Ready Player me every time.

After you got an app to connect with, click the view app button on the thumbnail. Next, change the slider for the App Overview to How to Connect. Next, you will get the list of instructions.

Unlike there is no one workflow. Connecting to the browsers like Mozilla Hubs is as very easy as doing copy-pasting a link.

Linking the individual apps like VRChat is a little bit difficult and the connection may not get supported all some kind of hardware version of the app. For example, VRChat is agreeable. But it is not if you are using VRChat using Steam or Oculus.

Come as You Are With a Ready Player Me Avatar

Lots of people are spending their time in the virtual world. And it is very important how they present themselves in these virtual, worlds.

As many of them don’t have tools to represent themselves how they like those virtual worlds, The ready player me gives them the chance of controlling them.

Frequently asked questions

Is Ready Player me free for commercial use?

Yes, you Can use the Ready Player Me Avatar for  commercial purposes for free. All the developers can use Ready Player Me for free. If you are thinking about using the avatars for commercial purposes, you can use them for free as a registered partner.


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