Using Oculus Move App to Track the best Fitness Goals

Oculus Move app

How to Use Oculus Move App to Track Your Fitness Goals

Using the Oculus Move app on Quest and quest 2, you will be able to trace your all-body exercise in VR. So I have brought you a guide on this process.

Though you have no chance to wander about it while playing on your Oculus Quest, VR is at its best to add some movements to your day-to-day life. Many famous VR games make the body movement very fastly. They are good for the loss of your calories more than many other couch-bounding games.

By using this Oculus Move app on Quest and Quest 2, you can check all of your body movements. Here is a recap of how this process goes on and how to get the all benefits of it.

What Is Oculus Move App?

The oculus move app is free on Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets.  It is a systemic fitness tracker that let you keep a record of the activities you have been doing in VR. Since it is linked with the games. You will be improved on any of the games that you are playing.

The fitness recorder is not at its best for you. And Oculus is not a solution for the dedicated fitness or doctor-said exercise pattern. But it is very useful to check how much of your body movements are done at a certain period of time.

How to Set Up Oculus Move App

If it is not there, on the Quest main menu, press the Oculus button located on the right side controller to get the menu. After that choose the grid icon on the right side and all the apps will be displayed. Next select Oculus Move in the list.

If you are unable to find it in the list of apps, you can change the dropdown box. It is in the top right of Oculus apps for seeing the default apps only.

The first time, you go to the Oculus move, you will have to enter the basic information and set what you need. If you are satisfied doing it, give the age, weight, height, and sex. So the correct calorie information will be provided to you. If not the system will display those things according to the average.

There are two main goals of Oculus Move app. To burn the calories and check the time you take. There are given targets on many levels for both of them in the setup process. You can select among them or select your target. This can be considered as how much of days you need to complete the target in one week.

Nothing to worry about what you choose. You have the chance to change them later. After completing the initial setup, go to the Oculus Move app when you need and see the record, and can do the changes.  In the next part, let’s see the interpretation of the data that are collected.

Viewing Data in the Oculus Move App

After playing some time and checking some records. You can see them in different kinds of ways. On the Stats page, you can see all the data related to the day. You can view them as a pie chart or a bar graph. Check the right side and get the app names you can select them according to the games that you play. This is a smart method to see which VR games are needed to get the best workout for you.

To check the chart for the day, go to the View calendar located at the top. You can get the previous records of what you have done by the Trends. This will show you the average performance.

Using the History tab you can get the historical data. You can filter them by year, month and week in the All Stats section. Select the data type you need to view in the tabs. Use the app list on the right side to see the performances of a particular game.

At last, go to the settings menu and have to change some options. If you enable the Notifications you will receive the updates according to o the progress you make when playing. If you need to change the data or adjust the goals, go to the Personal Info and Goals part. Enable the Track Movement then the headset will be able to track all the physical activities.

And also you can Clear the information there. You can do it if you don’t need them to keep stored anymore.

Viewing Oculus Move Data While Playing

There is no chance to open the Move App when you play another game. Anyhow there is another option that you can check the importance related to your regular goal at on anytime.

If you have not enabled them with the first setup, go to the Move App and next to the Settings. Make the In-Game Overlay to the Top or Bottom as you like.

Then when you look up or down there will be how many calories have been burned and how much of calories are been active. Note that the tools use the gestures of the head and hands to record this.

The games that you move very quickly here and there like playing the custom beat Saber songs will helkp you to lose more calaries than the other slower games.

If you don’t move rapidly or usually, the toy cannot get active time for each minute that you play.

Concerns With Oculus Move App

As oculus belongs to Meta the Facebook, it is easy to have concerns about the companies that use this data. The oculus Move FAQ page gives the all information that we give to oculus Move on using the headset and basically, it is not shared with Facebook. That information is not used for the ads, and if you factory reset the device, the records will be permanently removed.

It is said that Oculus collects information about the goals that are achieved by the people. And non of them are confined to you.

If you like you can share your Moves on Facebook or in Messenger, and it is not compulsory.

As we mentioned above, Oculus Move is not a regular workout tracker. You will get the correct details if you connect with it. Like a fitness tracker that records your heart rate. At preset Oculcus Move does not connect with Apple Health or any other platforms.

Sweat It Out With Oculus Move App

Now you have the knowledge to enable Oculus Move App to track your fitness goals in VR. Doing something in VR is the best method to fight the inactive data at home. So it is something very best to take you to your goals.

If you do not want to spend lots of time on VR, there are many other video games that support you being active with physical exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the broken oculus move app?

If you can’t open the game or app there are some troubleshooting methods. Restart the Oculus app on your computer Uninstall and then reinstall the game or app.  Next Restart your computer.


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