Difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business?

Difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business?

We all know about WhatsApp and How it works. We all enjoy it. You’re undoubtedly familiar with WhatsApp, but did you know it also offers a business version? Let’s find out the difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp business.

Since its launching in 2009, WhatsApp has grown in popularity significantly. It’s one of the most well-known apps globally, with over 2 billion active users worldwide.

WhatsApp’s standard edition is a handy tool for communicating with friends and family. Facebook’s WhatsApp is a mobile chatting and video calling application. It is used by over 2 billion individuals across over 180 countries.It’s easy to use, dependable, and confidential. WhatsApp provides free messaging and calling that is fast, simple, and secure and is available on phones all around the world.

WhatsApp Business is an excellent platform for cultivating business relationships with your clients if you own a business. so, it is essential to know the difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp business.

So, how do WhatsApp and WhatsApp Businesses vary from one another? Let’s have a look at the difference between Whatsapp vs. Whatsapp businesses.

What is the Difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business

Because of WhatsApp’s popularity and simplicity, more small businesses utilize it to interact with clients. Since WhatsApp was designed for personal use, it became clear that a business-oriented solution was required, leading to WhatsApp Business’s birth.

WhatsApp will soon have multi-device capability, allowing you to utilize your account across many devices. A large number of people can then control your WhatsApp Business account.

Your WhatsApp Business Profile

WhatsApp Business allows you to establish a profile exclusive to your company’s products and services. WhatsApp Business has more functionality than standard WhatsApp, which just allows you to have a profile photo, name, and description.

Here are some of the features of the WhatsApp Business profile that you won’t find on ordinary WhatsApp:

  • Business categories.
  • Business hours.
  • Business address.
  • A link to your website.
  • Your catalog.

Finding the difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp business, the business profile is a significant difference. creating a good WhatsApp business profile is very useful. so this feature of WhatsApp business is very useful for all the business from all over the world.

Business Messaging With WhatsApp

It is critical for you to have a healthy relationship with your consumers as a business owner. WhatsApp Business includes a few more messaging tools to assist you in communicating with your customers.

The following messaging features are included in the solution:

  • Labels, as well as the option to offer a greeting message.
  • Quick responses are appreciated.
  • It is possible to leave an away message.
  • You can see a brief description below for each of these features.

Finding the difference between Whatsapp vs. Whatsapp business, business message way is another difference, and its attributes make it more different.

1. Make a label

For any business that wishes to flourish in the long run, being well-organized is essential. WhatsApp Business’s labels function aids in the organization of your account. You can provide multiple tags to each chat, as well as assign different colors to them. This will allow you to keep track of your orders, generate leads, and keep your customers happy.

2. Messages of Greeting

What Is the Importance of Greeting Messages? Customers can learn more about your company or be guided through the customer journey with the help of welcome messages. Welcome emails that are well-crafted can help you engage your audience and provide a better experience.

Its goal is to express gratitude to potential clients and give them access to more information. Consumers who respond positively to welcome messages may establish positive initial impressions of the brand, which may inspire them to take a business-friendly action like purchasing a product.

You can establish automatic greeting messages in the WhatsApp Business app. When someone sends you a text for the first time on your WhatsApp Business account, or after 14 days of inactivity, they will receive a greeting text that you can personalize. This feature of WhatsApp business will enhance your business brand as well.

3. Quick Answers

You may receive inquiries from new customers as a business owner. You’ll also have to respond to and send messages to WhatsApp numbers that haven’t been stored.

Your new consumers may ask you questions that you’ve already answered. WhatsApp Business has a quick responses feature that helps you avoid feeling like you’re repeating yourself.

Then you have to start it; for that, go to Settings > Quick responses.

You’ll be able to answer some frequently asked questions once you’ve set everything up.

Instead of estimating what clients want, a quick response helps you be aware of problems and address them as soon as possible. Finally, as you build momentum with a growing number of good customer reviews, timely responses will enable you to manage your business more effectively. It will help you enhance and display your business’ efficient customer service.

4. Away Messages

Just imagine, You are not available at the moment when your customers contact you; then, you can leave messages for your customers explaining that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible once you’re available. Go to WhatsApp Business’s Away message feature and turn it on to use this option. Then, during your unavailability, set up the automated messages your customers would receive.

Also, imagine you are out of your office, Away message is helpful to your business connections, and it also allows you to relax and enjoy your time off. People will be less inclined to send you repeated emails on the same subject if they know you’ll be away, allowing you to return to work with a less crowded inbox.

Here are some instances of automated messages that clients may get. “We will contact you as soon as possible.” “Thank you for getting in touch with us.” “Our representative will call you as soon as possible.”

WhatsApp Business: A Revolutionary Approach to Managing Your Business and Customers

You’ll need to manage your consumers better as your small business expands. It’s essential to communicate, but you can’t expect to be on duty 24 hours every day.

WhatsApp Business has a feature that allows you to swiftly respond to frequently requested queries while improving your relationships.

However, it has a significant concern. While Whatsapp has strengthened its encryption, it does not yet offer enterprise-grade encryption (e.g., metadata, storage on devices, storage on servers, etc.). Furthermore, free services such as Whatsapp rely on user data to survive.

Those are the main difference between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp businesses that should know when you are using WhatsApp and WhatsApp business.

So, use the WhatsApp business app for your business. You’ll get more benefits such as Comfortable Two-Way Communications, Enhances Customer Care, Brand Verified Conversations, International Reach, Instantly Initiate So many Interactions, Additional Security With Customer Messaging Possible choices, Use Text Templates, and Can save Time With Quick Responses, among other things.

If you’ve used WhatsApp before, the version for businesses shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt to. Why not get started now that you know how to utilize it? Just use WhatsApp business and make your business more manageable and effective.

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