How to Set Up Two WhatsApp Accounts on Your iPhone

How to Set Up Two WhatsApp Accounts on Your iPhone

Are you wondering how to set up two WhatsApp Accounts on your iPhone? No worries!

On the same phone, WhatsApp can be used with two distinct accounts. The instant messaging program is one of the most widely used on the planet. It allows you to send a message or make a phone call to another WhatsApp user from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The Facebook-owned app is available for Android and Apple users to download for free and can be used on both mobile phones and desktop computers. The software does, however, have some limits, such as the fact that only one WhatsApp account may be utilized per phone number. Most manufacturers, on the other hand, allow customers to install two versions of the same software on their Android phones.

however, Are you an iPhone user you may also wondered about how to set up two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone too. It is not an big issue for you now.

Here’s the way how to set up two WhatsApp Accounts but another phone number is needed to connect it to for the second WhatsApp Account. It’s not very difficult, just read this article carefully and do it.

What does WhatsApp actually mean? It’s one of the most popular social messaging apps. That’s why you are referring to having a second WhatsApp Account too. Why too accounts? It’s basically to make separation between your personal and work life. It will help you not to mess up with your personal and working life. Even Though it’s needed, there are some restrictions without giving two WhatsApp Accounts by default.

Let’s find a way to set up two Whatsapp Accounts on your Iphone? 

Set Up two WhatsApp accounts Using WhatsApp Business Account as your second account on iPhone

This is not a big secret. There are more people in the world using WhatsApp Business Account for their working purpose to connect with their clients or customers mainly. Therefore, if you can set up two WhatsApp Accounts, it will be very convenient for your business work. However, if you have a dual sim option or if you can activate another SIM card in another mobile phone, this method only can be used.

These are some simple steps for do it.

Firstly, Download the WhatsApp Business Account through your App Store. Then follow these steps.

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Business App and. Open it. Then Click Agree & Continue to accept the Terms of Service.
  2. Choose Use another number.
  3. Type in your second SIM’s phone number. Click Done.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the number.
  5. Then, they will send the Key in the verification code to your device.
  6. Click Skip Restore if there’s no previous iCloud backup available.
  7. Type your name and choose your business category. If your ‘re using this second account is for personal use, just select Not a business.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose Explore to add more information about your business. You can do it later, Then click Not Now.

Now all are set. Now you have a second WhatsApp account which is totally separate from your existing WhatsApp Account. Then you can start sending and receiving messages, make WhatsApp calls, create WhatsApp Groups and many more.

Mirror a second account using the WhatsApp on your iPhone

Mirror a second account using the Whatsapp App

When you are using the Whatsapp Business Account, you may fee that it is too formal , an optional app is the Whats up app. This app is used to serve as a mirror to another device which already has an current Whatsapp account. 

Firstly, Download the Whats up through your App Store. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Whats up app and open it. Then choose the Dual tab. This will direct you to a mobile version of WhatsApp Web.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Messenger on your second device.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Click Link a Device to scan the QR code on your iPhone screen.

Now all are set for your second WhatsApp account on Whats up. If you need to use your previous WhatsApp Account, just go to the normal WhatsApp app and use it. Also, if you need to use your second WhatsApp Account, just go to the Whats up app to use your second WhatsApp account.

Having a lot of advertisements is the main disadvantage of the Whats up app. However, comparing most dual Whatsapp apps on App Store, interface of the Whats up’s messaging is fitted for mobile perfectly.

Others apps are not much user-friendly due to its dekstop version of Whatsapp Web. You need to zoom in and out to type and read the Whatsapp messages.

Can you set up Two WhatsApp Accounts with the Same phone number?

Unfortunately, you can not use two Whatsapp accounts at the same time which is linked to the same phone number.

As an example  If you are going to set up Whatsapp Business with your Whatsapp messenger phone number, the phone number will be disconnected from the old Whatsapp app. And it will result in moving all your conversation to a Whatsapp Business account likewise.

If you are following the steps for Whats up using the same number, you will end up with the exact copy of your current WhatsApp Account. As an example , you will get or send any new message , both the apps will be shown the same no matter when you use to send/receive a new message.

Using Two WhatsApp Accounts on your iPhone

So, There are some limitations to having two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone when you are using dual WhatsApp on your iPhone. Here, using the the same phone number for both the account is not possible at the moment. But you can have two WhatsApp account if you can link to two separate phone numbers for them.

On the other hand, You can use the same WhatsApp Account on multiple devices if you need some different type of flexibility. There are some ways to do it.

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